Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another quilt retreat down

Well, another quilt retreat is down on the books.  I am sad to say I could have used 1 more day to finish my quilt top for my bed.  As it stands I have a pieced border to work the kinks out on and then 2 simple borders to put on.

This is the center with the cream/white border.  The pieced border is the same colors as the center and then there are 2 darker borders after that.

I did manage to complete Piper's quilt.
Now this weekend I will piece her backing together and get it to the quilter.....Yeah!

I had time Sunday morning to put together a quickie table runner.  This runner looks COMPLETELY different in person.  One of those crazy picture things.  Weird.

We had so much fun there, as usual.  I wish I could get 2 of these in a year, but there are too many other things, places, people that need taken care of and visited also.

Anyone else quilt retreating it lately?  I am completely jealous!  I need a life of this, or at least more of it.....



Friday, February 3, 2017

A row and a row of struggles

I have one row completed on Piper's quilt.  I got it completed at the sew weekend with the girls in January.  Since then I have not had a chance to touch it again.

I think it is turning out pretty cute.  Piper sure loves it.

Here is a close up.  She knows all the names of all the dinosaurs in this fabric.  One more row to complete and then just a couple borders.  I had to add a star block on the bottom of these to make it a twin bed size.  I am really excited for this quilt's completion.  Maybe because Piper is so excited about it.

In other news, I finally started the process of cleaning out Mom's house and getting it ready for sale.  YUCK!  What a difficult journey, I hate dementia.  I hate watching her struggle and knowing what the outcome will be.  I hate having to go through her things and sell her house.  It feels so wrong.

On the bright side,  yearly Quilt retreat is next weekend!!!!  Yeah!  I am retreating from many things and hope to get a lot accomplished on the quilting front.

Hope everything is well in your world......



Sunday, January 8, 2017

First Block Done

I did manage to work on Piper's quilt one night and got the first block done.

This is the main block in the quilt.  Piper says she loves it.

It was -25 yesterday morning not accounting  for wind chill. Brrrrrr...hasn't  been that cold here for a while.

We have a ton of snow also.

This is looking off the deck to our back yard.  There is quite a bit less snow in the back yard because it is more sheltered there.

I plan on working  on the Dinasour quilt today, but I do have this obstacle....

Next Saturday is quilt day with the girls, so if I don't get far there is always next weekend!

Happy sewing, or relaxing, whatever  you decide to do today....



Monday, January 2, 2017

Post Holiday Relief Syndrome

So the holidays are over and it's back to the grind.  The tree is down and gone.  The holiday decorations are packed up and waiting for the next year.  It seems like there is an empty hole where the tree was, and a deep sigh resonates throughout.

Piper likes to help her Dad bake.  She is mixing the apples for an apple pie here.

Here she is with her Dad and the pies.  We also made a cinnamon sugar roll with the left over dough.

So here is a finished picture of Grandma Bonnie's quilt.  She loves it.  Fit nicely on her bed.

Here is a sneak peek of the next quilt on the machine.

Piper's quilt for her big girl bed.  She picked all of the fabrics.  The only 3 year old I know who knows more Dinasour names than the volunteers at the Dinasour  museum.  She actually corrected one of them when she used the wrong name.

So here is to destressing  and jumping back into the humdrum of every day life.  Our company party is this Saturday and next weekend is a sewing day with the girls.

Just keeps snowing here.  Will have to post a picture  of my buried yard.  I will have to get up early to dig out....



Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A year gone goals

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!  So I am seeing it has almost been a year since I last posted.  This is what happens when life gets crazy.  A lot has happened this last year, a lot of milestones, some heart break.  This year I plan to change my focus.  I have a plan, a plan that may take years to unfold, but the wheel starts moving now.

First things first.....(sound of trumpets)......I have a new Grand baby!!!

Nora was born at the end of June, just 2 days after my birthday.  She's a doll.  Naturally we HAD to see her so we took a week in July to go visit and spend some time with the kids and the grands.  It was awesome, wish they were closer to us!

Oh.....and her quilt.....

I machine bound this front and back.  Turned out cute.  Her name is embroidered at the top there.

Here are some projects I did manage to finish this last year (you will notice my quilt for my bed is NOT one of them......again.....).

Hailey's quilt got completed.  She loves it....

I bound it in black since the front and back do not match, but it is what she wanted.  It is cuter in person.

The Grandma Bonnie was due for a quilt.  I actually do not have a completed picture of this quilt (shame on me) just the quilt top.

She loved it.  Fits the bed in the Extended Care perfectly and adds a homey touch to her room.  She got it for Christmas.

I had also bound some misc quilts I had hanging around for at least the last 6 years.  Two of them were Christmas wall hangings that I hung on Grandma Bonnie's and Grandma Nola's doors in the Extended Care.  Added some nice homey cheer.

I have no good pictures of them so maybe next time.

That is the extent of my quilty accomplishments.  Not much, but a lot considering the events of the year.

Hope you all are having a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Be safe out there.  We just had a major blizzard blow through, buried in snow.



P.S.  My toddler fried my laptop this fall by dumping pop on it.  So another reason it has been a while....sending love.....