Saturday, September 12, 2015

Progress and Plans

I'm checking in to let you know I am still making some slow progress.  I have 10 of Hailey's quilt blocks done so I laid out the backing piece she wants on it to figure out how many blocks I need to fit my backing.  Drum roll please.............45!  45 stinkin' blocks, only 35 more to go!

I am back on the bowtie band wagon to get my 80 done.  Even sneaking in some dark time sewing until Piper goes down so I can turn the light back on.

I realized today that I have never mad my grand-daughter Lynlee a quilt.  I have made her some "blankies" but not a quilt.  So today at the local quilt shop I picked up some fabrics to make her one.

I am thinking of a simple pattern that I can use the alphabet fabric to applique on her name.  I even have enough letters for Piper's name.......on something.......not a "quilt".......

The grays and colors in that fabric line will even work well with a few of the left over grays from my bowtie fabric.  SWEET!!



Saturday, September 5, 2015

Last weekend and Rainy Non-Sew Days

Last weekend I had every intention of blogging and it just got away from me.  The weekend I mean.  Then this week just flew by.  Work has been stressful and busy and irritating.  Architects can be bullheaded and stubborn. 

I made 20 more blocks last weekend for the block swap.  So I am half way through, only 40 more to go!  Yeah me!!

Here are some that I finished.

So I was looking at the left over strip pieces that this was creating and was trying to decide what to do with them.  So I decided to make strip sets out of them for now. 

Once I am all done I will decide what to do with them.  I will have a lot of coordinating 2.5" gray strips to go with them.

Today was yucky an rainy outside and quite cool.  Instead of quilting though I finished reading a book, did grocery shopping and such.

A rainy day is always a book reading day to me.  Ingrained from childhood I'm sure.

I was going through pictures on my camera and found this one from Piper's birthday.

How sweet!!



Sunday, August 23, 2015

Progress Update

I actually did manage to get some quilting done this weekend.  I know sound the trumpets!

I completed 20 of my 80 block swap blocks (with Fun with Barb).  The background looks almost a white in these pictures, but it is light grey.  

The rules of the swap are bright modern fabrics, no pastels.  I love these grays in this line and want to use a couple, but I'm afraid they really don't follow the rules (not brights).  Any opinions?

In fact I am afraid I think quite a bit of the line border lines to the pastel ranges......

I hope all the ones I choose to use will be fine.  Thankfully I will not have to use every color.  If you want to know about this fabric line or the block exchange you can read this post here.

I am working on Hailey's quilt also.  Machine blanket stitch on the circles with a variegated thread.

Here is Hailey's finished block.  These are "What a Whirl" fabrics for Kanvas, which is associated with Bernatex.  Well except for the black.  My plan is for the black to get quilted in bubbles with a variegated thread.

I got 5 completed. Yeah me!  I think this is the most progress I've made in a LONG time!



Saturday, August 22, 2015

Next on the agenda.....

So as I look out the window on the cold, gloomy, rainy day (not that I'm complaining, it is a nice break from the 100+ weather) I am putting together my next two projects.  They are both very simple so I plan to work on them together.

I signed up for a block exchange with 'Fun with Barb'.  (I know I am NUTS!!!)  I never sign up for these because of my time constraints (basically I have none).  So I am stretching myself out there.  I figured since school has officially started, the weather is cooling off.......I'll find a little more time. 

So these are the fabrics I am using.  I chose modern because I do not care for Civil War fabrics.  I bought a jelly roll to help cut back on the amount of cutting time.

I am so smart...hahaha!  The arrow circle fabric is my grey background fabric.  The jelly roll and the background fabric are both 'Zen Chic' by Moda.

This is a quilt for Hailey.  I am using the pattern "Sophie's Choice" from Quilter's World magazine Summer 2015.

Here is a photo of the quilt.  They are both simple patterns.  I want to try and get a good jump on them both today, with a plan of doing 4 blocks for the swap and 1 or 2 block on Hailey's quilt a night.  Hailey's is just a lap type quilt she wants to be able to haul around with her on bus trips, sleepovers, etc.

Should be easy enough right???  Ok, well don't burst my bubble just yet.



Saturday, August 15, 2015

Checking in.......

So I thought I had better check in.  Our summer has been wild and crazy, of course, working in the construction industry, it IS our busiest season.  So school starts this coming week on Wednesday.  Hailey starts 6th grade this year.....

And tomorrow (the 16th)  the little one turns 2.....

My how time flies!

It is my intention to start another quilt, but after making a birthday cake tonight and a party tomorrow, after church, well who knows......

I might get there, but in reality, probably not.

How have everyone elses summers going?  Am I the only one not getting much sewing done??