Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Finish...And another border

This last Saturday was a Sew Saturday.  We only have one more left then we are done until fall again.  I am SAD!  :(

I sewed the binding on my Valentines quilt.  I just machine sewed it on both sides with a cute heart decorative stitch.

I used a left over binding from another quilt......and there is still some left.

I was originally thinking a solid black, but the dots are pretty cute.

I also worked on my next pieced border on the CAL King quilt.

I was going to make the center diamond white, but the quilt was getting too white .  I mean, I AM married to a construction worker after all.  There will need to be a spacer on top and bottom.  So I need to work that out next.

The next two borders are not pieced so YA!  That means I am almost done!!!!

Next month is our last month to meet for sew group, sooooo, I should get it done then!



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