Sunday, October 18, 2015

Whoop, Whoop!

I have been so busy lately.  Yesterday I actually was invited to quilt with a group of women for a day.  No class, no instruction, just come in and sew on whatever you need to get done.  IT....WAS......AWESOME!  I realized how much I have missed just sitting around and sewing with a group of gals.  We sewed from 9am to about 4:30pm.  I got a quilt top completed for my grand baby Lynlee.

Yeah!  So they are getting together every 2nd Saturday of every month.  I am so in!

I did get my block swap completed and sent in the mail last week!

There was a shop hop a couple weekends ago.  Hailey had a birthday that same weekend.  I bought some cool fabrics at the shop hop.

This beach one was in a gift bag from one of the stores.  Really cute.

I also found this mustache fabric to slide into Hailey's quilt somehow.

She is all about the mustache craze!

We also had a horse who somehow poked himself in the eye so we had administer antibiotics to him 2 times a day.  That was a bit of a chore since we board them right now.

I will show pics of Lynlee's quilt in a while.  I have a minky back I can use on it and happen to have a crib size batting.  So hand quilt or machine quilt?

Better machine quilt it if I actually want it to get done!  LOL!

Hope you are all making progress where you are at!



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