Sunday, June 14, 2015

Back on Track.....I think

My ribs are all healed up.  I can sleep in my bed again, and on my side.  So you would think I could just get back on track right?!  Wrong.  Although, I think I am getting there. 

I got my last 2 quilts back from the quilter.  Now I have to bind them.

This is for my great nephew, I do not think I have a binding for this one.  I believe I was thinking I could do a scrappy with the leftover fabric.  I'll have to go check today.

In my opinion, the back is just as cute as the front.  I like the circle quilting my local quilt shop did on it.  Cute!

Now this on I do have the binding fabric for, a stripe that goes with the line.  Have I mentioned that I love striped bindings?

This is another one that I love the backing on.

We had such a GREAT time visiting with the kids and grand baby Lynlee!!!
Her and Piper are such opposites it is fun to watch them together.




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