Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Work Interferes Once Again!

I had to work Saturday this last weekend.

Translation:  I did not get to quilt at all.

Whenever i have to work a weekend Sunday ends up becoming my make up day to clean/groceries/laundry.......the list goes on.

I think most of you get my drift.

I did manage to get a little cutting done one night though.....

I got the center blocks cut which are 6-1/2" square.  That blue batik is the dark color in the pattern.  I have my little cheat sheet there listing what I have to cut for each fabric.

OMG, I love the little gecko guys....cute!

I do have to shrink this quilt down a row since I did not have enough gecko fabric to do 16 blocks.  That fabric is "Gecko I" from Timeless Treasures.

I figure not a big deal to find another batik to throw on another border.  Done...

I'll keep you posted as I go.  Tonight is parent teacher conferances, so probably won't get to it tonight *sigh*.



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