Saturday, October 22, 2011

"You fry the egg..."

You know how sometimes you hear someone say something and it just seems to sum things up for you?

I had a moment like that this morning.

My duaghter was hungry (no shocker there) so I asked her what she wanted.  She was drawing a blank so I suggested a fried egg sandwich (I make the best, well in this house anyway). 

She jumped up and said "You fry the egg and I'll get the toast!"

Then WHAM!

"You fry the egg"
"YOU fry the egg"
"You FRY the egg"

Ok, Ok, so I'm a little overboard in writing this.  It did kind of resonate as a bit of a theme in my life though. 

I think I've been the one frying the egg for quite a while.  I'ld like to be in charge of the toast for a while.

I think we all have our rolls in life though, and maybe I am just an egg frier, destined only to make toast if I am still frying the egg too.

Well, there's a little philosophy for you!  I know, I know it's early.

My brain has already processed my whole life (for the 300millionth time) this morning and moved on.

Good morning to you!


P.S.   Rebel will be here soon!

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